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Startline Motor Finance: A Complete Guide

The Concerning Startline

Concerning Startline

A unique type of lender is Startline Motor Finance. With a large number of clients, this lender provides financial approval by combining outstanding personal skills with sound financial knowledge. Startline approaches auto financing with a customer-focused approach, constantly considering the unique circumstances of each applicant.


Startline auto financing serves all, enabling them to provide customized financing for clients in various circumstances. For clients on benefits and those with poor credit, they can provide certain special financial options in addition to standard HP and PCP financing.

Startline Motor Finance: Financing for Motors with Extra Flexibility.

In the UK used automobile industry, Startline Motor loan practically invented the idea of near-prime motor loan.

What does this signify? Startline are able to approve candidates who have been turned down by traditional prime lenders in the past by utilizing a special combination of technology, financial know-how, and human skills—all while providing competitive rates and conditions.

Startline provide goods and service standards that are similar to traditional prime but take a less binary approach, they refer to themselves as “flexible lenders.” For customers, dealers, and other introducers, why is this important? Since nearly 20% of all used car buyers fit into the near-prime category, according to our study.

Without Startline, dealers may have to move one in five consumers from prime to sub-prime lenders, which would result in a dizzying decline and an increase in the annual percentage rate of up to 10 percent. Their flexible finance packages, on the other hand, offer a far more appealing and definitely more equitable choice.

Startline Motor Finance: Financing for Motors with Extra Flexibility.

Many candidates who are truly good fits no longer meet the typical credit score requirements for a variety of reasons. These include the rise in contract and temporary employment, the decrease in homeownership, and a number of other broad adjustments to the general state of the economy—many of which has become more significant in 2020.

Startline’s strategy involves examining the applicant’s circumstances in greater detail and frequently having a conversation with both the dealer and the applicant. The idea is that, as they learn more about that person’s entire financial situation, they might be able to work with them to find a solution that works and is within their means.

According to research we commissioned, 80.7% of dealers believe that near-prime is vital or somewhat important to their business, and 29.8% of dealers now have a near-prime option on their lending panel.

“It is interesting to see the speed at which near-prime lending has established itself in the UK used car market and the value that dealers already place upon it,” says Paul Burgess, CEO of Startline. Given the anticipated challenging market conditions, a rise in penetration is acceptable between 2020 and 2021.

Startline Finance benefits

Their extremely competitive terms allow you to give the consumer equally competitive APR rates. Your customer, your rate.

Fast payouts and judgments, with answers given while the consumer is still in the showroom.

Direct access to underwriting personnel: They are always willing to speak with you in order to help you achieve the best possible result for your business.

They put a lot of effort into finding and using the best technology and people to provide people-based finance that truly functions.

Startline Motor Finance uses a “holistic” PCP product to fill a financial niche.

With the launch of a new PCP product called “flexible prime” just last month, franchised vehicle dealerships have achieved 50% penetration, according to Startline Motor Finance.

The product offers APRs and basic terms comparable to those supplied by prime lenders, rather than looking like a sub-prime product. It is intended to be offered by dealers alongside PCPs from typical prime lenders and suggested as an alternative source of finance when applicants are denied.

Paul Burgess, the CEO of Startline, thinks that the company’s early success is a definite sign that customers are interested in the solution.

Startline Motor Finance uses a "holistic" PCP product to fill a financial niche.

“Half the business that we have written in the last month is for the PCP at some of our most important franchise dealer customers,” he stated. “This, in our opinion, shows that the product has immediately found quite an important niche in the market.”

“We are frequently providing dealers with a way to sell cars and buyers with a way that would not be possible otherwise.”

According to Burgess, the PCP was created for borrowers who, although being solid credit risks, were turned down by prime lenders because they did not match the standards due to differences in their work schedules or other socioeconomic issues.

“We look more closely at the circumstances of the person making the finance application with the PCP, often having a conversation with them and the dealer,” he stated.

“The idea is that we may try to come up with a solution that satisfies their wants if we can grasp that person’s total financial situation. It is a more comprehensive procedure.”

Dealer lending panel reevaluation in light of the rising expense of living

There’s no denying that declining personal finances are influencing used automobile buyer behavior. According to research done by Startline, 85% of motor merchants believe that the crisis will be their largest problem in 2023, and 68% of drivers believe that the cost of living will influence the type of vehicle they purchase.

Thus, while it is true that the used market is still robust overall, with prices and values hovering around all-time highs, dealers ought to think about reviewing their lending panels to make sure they are appropriate for the present environment at this point, in our opinion.

Fundamentally, lending panels must be set up such that dealers can offer a variety of goods and credit appetites to meet the needs of various client profiles. Right now, the question is: Will the credit appetites and products that have historically worked for your clients still be relevant for the rest of this year and beyond? The response begins with a clear point. Many people are currently experiencing severe financial hardship. We think that many are effectively pulling out of the used automobile market, but of those who are there, it is likely that fewer and fewer of those who actively want to borrow will eventually be able to fulfill the requirements of a variety of lenders.

For a few months now, dealers have undoubtedly noticed a discernible decline in the number of first-time applications that are approved.

The current state of affairs is most likely intensifying a trend that has been going on for a while, with more and more vehicle loan businesses appearing with varying degrees of risk appetite. The auto finance industry has offered an almost black-or-white selection of good and sub-prime loans, with little in the middle. But with the emergence of flexible lenders like Startline, who provide more nuanced gradations and provide an ever-more-complex approach to lending panel composition, that has altered recently.

A true grasp of the needs of various consumer groups is essential to successfully meeting their demands, and this is more true now than it has ever been. We refer to the Startline offer, for instance: as a flexible prime strategy. Their plan is positioned to trail slightly behind prime lenders but provide a more flexible lending experience, frequently approving applicants with non-traditional profiles like home renters or people with portfolio careers—circumstances that are becoming more and more common, as most auto dealers know. They accomplish this while maintaining the ability to provide competitive terms, rates, and customer service standards that are on par with the best available in our industry. This is a strategy that calls for a very high level of proficiency.

Their years of experience have taught them that the creation of a graded loan panel, such as the one in which they are a major player for many motor retailers, is a very efficient way to maximize results for car dealers and, more crucially, for buyers of automobiles. It is now shown to be the most effective strategy for addressing the cost of living challenge.

About Startline Motor Finance: Who is Startline Motor Finance

According to the information provided on their website, “Startline was created to take a new approach to motor finance. We provide a unique solution for car buyers, offering greater flexibility and agility to meet the changing needs of today’s consumers. Headquartered in Glasgow, we work with many of the UK’s leading dealer groups and other introducers, enjoy the support of some of the world’s leading financial institutions, and have won a range of leading industry awards for our achievements.

Our aim is to help you to get behind the wheel of the car you want through the best finance solution for your needs, delivering a service to customers that is responsive, responsible and fair.”


Can you modify your startline motor finance payment date?

Additionally, you can contact Startline using the form found in the ‘Manage my Account’ part of their website, and a member of their staff will get back to you right away. As an alternative, you can use their customer portal to register online. Here, you can request a settlement quotation, modify your contact information, and change the date of payment.

Can I settle my auto loan early?

Generally, you can terminate your startline contract early, but doing so requires you to pay back the loan in full before you can do so. Should you decide to end the loan arrangement before the 50% is paid off, you will be required to pay the outstanding balance and give the car back.

How do APR and EAR differ from one another?

The way that APR and EAR handle compounding is where they diverge the most. Compounding is the process of adding interest to the principal amount and then calculating additional interest on this amount. APR does not take this into account. By contrast, compounding is the main focus of EAR.

Is startline finance for bad credit?

No! Startline car finance caters for all, allowing them to supply specialized finance for customers in different situations.

As well as traditional HP and PCP finance; they also offer some unique financial solutions for customers on benefits and customers on bad credit.

Who owns Startline Motor Finance?

Paul Burgess is the CEO of Startline Motor Finance.
Startline Motor Finance has essentially pioneered the concept of near-prime motor finance in the UK used car market.

How does startline work?

Startline is a lender of specialist car finance. Startline offers unique financial solutions for customers on benefits and customers on bad credit.

The Startline Motor Finance works this way, and it is simple;

By signing up and entering into an agreement with Startline, you pay a deposit and then make fixed, monthly payments over a period of time, usually between 12 – 60 months.

Can you change payment date with startline motor finance?

Yes! You can reach Startline through the contact form within the ‘Manage my Account‘ section of their website and a member of their team will respond shortly. Alternatively, you can register online through their customer portal. Here, you can change payment date, change contact details or request a settlement quotation.

Startline motor finance loan

Startline motor finance is a leading provider of specialist finance solutions to the UK motor finance market, working with prominent franchised and independent dealers as well as leading specialist intermediaries. They challenge the traditional approach taken in this sector by providing a uniquely flexible and agile offering that aims to meet the rapidly changing needs of used car buyers and retailers during the 2020s.

startline motor finance late payment

For late payment on Startline Motor Finance, contact their customer care team via this form and you will get a swift guidance on how to go about it.

Also, you can easily make a payment to your balance, using this link and enter your details.

Please note – payments made using this facility may not be reflected in your account until the next working day. Alternatively, we recommend payments are made via their Customer Portal which will update your account immediately. Please log in to our customer portal here.

Startline is committed to supporting their customers who are struggling to meet repayments, particularly given the recent increases to the cost of living.

If you are having difficulty meeting your financial commitments with Startline Motor Finance, please get in touch with using below contact mediums.

Here are various solutions that startline can offer, and will work with you to understand your individual circumstances and arrive at the most appropriate solution, which may include payment deferment, payment reduction or vehicle return options.

If you need to get in touch with startline, please contact them on;

1. To discuss your monthly repayments;

Telephone: 0141 483 2270


2. To discuss any other aspect of your agreement;

Telephone: 0141 406 6622


You can also reach them through the contact form within the ‘Manage my Account’ section of their website and a member of their team will respond shortly.

Alternatively, you can register online through their customer portal. Here, you can make a payment, change payment date, change contact details or request a settlement quotation.

More And Further information

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confidential and impartial debt advice, or for details of where to get such advice in your area.

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For free, unbiased and easy-to-access money tools, information and advice, visit or phone 0800 138 7777.

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Citizens Advice

For advice and information on debt and other topics;

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Citizens Advice Northern Ireland

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Citizens Advice Wales

If you live in Wales,

you can call Adviceline on 0300 330 1313 if you want to speak to someone about your debts.

Calls cost 12p per minute from a landline, and from 3p to 45p from a mobile

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Member centres offer debt advice including specialist advice for minority communities and people with disabilities –

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National Debtline

If you live in England, Wales or Scotland phone 0808 808 4000

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StepChange Debt Charity

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Startline Motor Finance opening times

Contact Startline via Phone: +44 141 406 6622  to find out their opening time or closing time.

startline motor finance companies house

You can click this link to see details about Startline Motor Finance Companies House

startline motor finance login

To Login on Startline motor Finance, click on this link here

Startline motor finance contact number

This is the contact details of Startline Motor Finance;

Contact Phone: +44 141 406 6622

Contact Email:

Office Address: Startline Motor Finance
PO Box 27150
G3 9EX

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